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Ophelia - fine art portrait

Every woman has the right to have beautiful images of herself that express herself naturally in a respectful and tactful way. We want to inspire all women to see themselves as beautiful as they are naturally.

At a time when the photography industry has embraced automation and adopted a fast food mentality, we have made a choice to focus on artistry, quality and you.

Our vision is to provide art and imagery that pierce the veil of everyday life and capture your true essence while also providing an opportunity to experience and appreciate how beautiful you are. We document personal pivotal events in a creative way that shows the emotion and details of the event.

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By creating natural images of real women we are changing how beauty is defined by the masses and the media.

Images of love and intimacy promote love and intimacy. Images of breastfeeding give our children a healthy perspective of what breasts are for, promote breastfeeding as a normal, healthy activity and reduce insecurities about our bodies that lead to self loathing and cosmetic surgery. Images of natural body shapes and sizes promote a state of well being and contentment with ourselves.

We offer our clients a chance to be a part of our artwork and an outlet for them to help change the warped perception of women and breastfeeding in society today.


Koren Albright

Artist, Photographer, Storyteller

Koren Albright

As an artist, my goal is to tell a story. Before I begin shooting I relax and focus on all the potential positive outcomes. The Zen like state that I experience when I express myself with my camera is empowering. The camera becomes an extension of my hands. The creative process is effortless and I feel like a weaver weaving the story into the images that I capture. Instead of words I narrate my stories with luminous slices of time and emotion and temper them with creativity. When I look through my camera I am reminded that any instance can be made to last forever and I am filled with a sense of excitement and vibrance.

What I love about looking at good photographs is the feeling of intrigue that I get from the story that is conveyed. I want it to be a visceral experience. I want to feel captivated, moved, joyful. I believe the best way to capture genuine looking emotion is to photograph genuine emotion. My work looks and feels real simply because it is real.

Taking intimate photographs means, in my opinion, investing the time to make a one on one connection with you and capturing the essence of your spirit. Photography is a skill and a photograph the result, but art is an expression that transcends paper and conveys emotions and meaning to others. When people see my work I want them to relate to it, to feel a connection to it.

This is what I do when times are good. This is what I do when times are bad. Because in the end, this is what I am meant to do.

I am a mother and an artist.
I have experienced natural childbirth and a Caesarian.
I believe that newborn babies are one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.
I have a healthy sense of humor and wit which keeps me smiling and light hearted.

All of these things are integral to who I am and what I bring with me when I photograph.
This is who I am. Now, I want to know who you are!

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