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Fresh Herbs

The Fresh Herb series: fresh and natural, wild and organic.

That’s what you get when you combine fresh cut herbs and the natural curves of the nude female form. The concept for this photo essay was to lighten up and have some fun.. and possibly sell a few herbs.

2015 Calendar

fresh herbs calendar
The Fresh Herbs Calendar is a collection of 13 fine art nude photographs of herbs and women in nature. This is the premium 13.5 x 19 inch version on high quality 100# paper with a black background behind the photos.


2016 Shoot Schedule

In the spring and summer of 2016 I will be shooting more images for this series. These pictures are about plants, nature and the female body. There are no faces and all identifying marks, scars and tattoos will be removed from the final images. What I am looking for in a model is interesting shapes and forms. I do not care about the size of your waist, breasts or thighs. I am looking for “real” women (yes, you!). If you are interested in modeling for this series, please contact me. Select “model” as the subject and make sure to tell me you are interested in modeling for the fresh herbs series in your message.


Project information

Photographer: Joseph Albright
Assistant: Koren Albright
Location: Rural Fort Wayne, Indiana

Goal: I wanted to combine some of my favorite things (nature, sunny skies, nudes) into a fun and easy project. The goal is to have fun in the sun and make some interesting artwork.

Utilization: These images are works of art and will be sold as fine art prints and calendars.