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I do it because I hate wearing a bra and I love my boobs – Just Boobs Project

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This is a excerpt from the Just Boobs Project book. These are real women, their thoughts and feelings, their breasts.

“If you got it flaunt it. If it’s not there who cares?” This was my mantra from the time my breasts developed until my early twenties. It was how I gave myself permission to wear tight tank tops rather than a bra under my shirt or to go totally braless. The problem with this belief was it was still self deprecating.

You see, I definitely considered myself in the “it’s not there so who cares” category. I always believed that guys were interested in my friends with bigger boobs and to me that seemed like everyone else around me. My boobs were small and insignificant so who would care if you could see my nipples under my shirt or caught a little too much cleavage when I bent over? Yes, I was being more free with myself and my body but it was coming from a negative dialogue in my head. It wasn’t until I met my husband who had, an still has, a great enthusiasm for my breasts that I began to change that dialogue. I remember buying a tank top that clearly wasn’t meant to have a bra worn with it and I loved it but I would ask him “is this too ‘booby’?” he always reassured me that is was “perfect”. The more he reassured me the more I believed it.

The Just Boobs project is so exciting to me because I get to help women have a healthy relationship with their breasts. It is my hope that, in seeing all the different shapes and sizes of “normal”, women and men alike will develop a deep love and respect for their own boobs as well as the boobs around them. I love that my partner was able to help me on my path to being comfortable with my own body and loving it too. However not all women have a person in their life to boost their morale. I hope this book is a way to help women boost themselves.

Now I’m in my late thirties and I love my breasts. I’ve had four babies and breastfed them all and am currently breastfeeding our youngest. I go braless more often than not. I’m sure I have shocked, offended, excited, and caused a general stir among many people over the years because of this. I don’t do this because I believe I am flaunting it or because I believe I shouldn’t care, or because I don’t have anything that anyone should care about. I do it because I hate wearing a bra and I love my boobs.

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