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Guys noticed my boobs and the girls noticed that they noticed – Just Boobs Project

Fort Wayne positive body image

This is a excerpt from the Just Boobs Project book. These are real women, their thoughts and feelings, their breasts.

I guess you could say I developed early, I started getting boobs in third grade. By the time I got to high school I was a size 12 and I had double D’s. It was all about proportions for me and I felt like I was all boobs in school. I was introverted so I didn’t notice all the attention I was getting, but, guys noticed my boobs and the girls noticed that they noticed, so I wasn’t well liked by the girls and the guys only wanted one thing.

I was more concerned with the pain they were causing me. It depends on the person, but, I developed back pain from them and the back pain lead to head aches. It got to the point where I wouldn’t notice it until it got bad but I was actually in constant pain.

When I was 16, on the summer break between my sophomore and junior year, my parents insurance pay for a breast reduction for me. The doctor was really good and he took me down to a C. Afterward I bought my first ever bikini.

I am still happy with my decision and I have recommended it to other girls. It alleviated my back problems and I haven’t had any of those head aches since the surgery.

I love my breasts now. I think they are one of my best features and I don’t mind sharing them with the world.

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